Are you ready to spark authentic transformation in yourself, team or culture?

How We Roll at Catalyst Consulting



Authenticity is our biggest value and we live into it in ALL we do and how we SHOW up. Creating spaces where everyone feels connected to their authentic self and has the confidence to show up with full authenticity is our jam. This is the foundation to transformation whether in yourself, your team, or your culture.


Human-Centered ​

We put people first and lead through authentic relationships. Too often in our society, our human experience is ignored even though it is the most important piece of all we do. Whether coaching or a workshop, we will create a human-centered space to connect to your feelings, be vulnerable, and have the courage to DREAM.


Equity Lens​

Our approach is grounded in an equity-lens. We believe that transformation is only possible if we challenge the status-quo and continuously work to create inclusive and liberatory spaces for people to thrive.



Self-reflection, leadership development, growth, and building culture should be FUN. If you are doing it right, it will get heavy and deep at times, but we truly believe in doing serious work without taking ourselves too seriously. Having fun is crucial for our wellness as human-beings and for real transformation. We aim to infuse fun in all we do.

Are you ready to spark authentic transformation in yourself, team or culture?

​ Here’s how we help you get there:


One-on-One Coaching​

This is an opportunity to dig in on your values, who you authentically are, and catalyze a transformation in your personal or professional life. One-on-one coaching is a space where you can dare to dream and be your most authentic, creative soul to unlock your brightest future!


Group Coaching

As a stand alone, or supplement to one-on-one coaching, group coaching experiences build trust, vulnerability, and transform teams. This can be a workshop, retreat or a series of group experiences tailored to your priorities and needs.



We apply our 10 years of experience designing and facilitating leadership retreats, workshops, strategic planning and coaching managers to create leadership development opportunities that get results.

…her insights challenged me which forced me to dig deeper into who I am, what I do, and why. She’s a true motivator with great perspective, and the right advice, just when you need it the most..​

Nyesha McCauley

About Me

I am a Co-Active certified life and leadership coach with over 10 years of experience. My biggest values are authenticity, empathy, community and fun.​ I am unabashedly myself at all times. This is my purpose. I cannot wait to meet you and help you catalyze your full potential!

My Clients Are Happy

I do this work for my clients. Take a look below to hear some stories of our impact through the authentic voices of my current clients!

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Ready To Spark Authentic Transformation in Yourself, Your Team, or Your Culture?

Are you looking to clarify your values, life purpose, direction?
Are you feeling overwhelmed, directionless or unmotivated and want to change that?
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